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Silver Crosses

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry and Shell Jewelry
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Sterling Silver Crosses


Please browse our original collection of contemporary sterling silver crosses.  Everything is high quality .925 sterling silver, we do not sell anything plated. There is a large selection of silver crosses with a mix of silver with marcasite, turquoise, mother of pearl, abalone, coral, onyx, shell, gemstones and oxidized crosses.  Our selection of sterling silver crosses are always being updated with new styles, so remember to bookmark us and check back regularly.

Please read our taking care of silver jewelry page, so you can enjoy the beauty of your sterling silver cross and silver jewelry for generations. 

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Sterling Silver Cross Necklaces

 Contemporary silver cross necklaces with a mix of turquoise, marcasite, shell and onyx.

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Sterling Silver and Marcasite Cross on a Silver Choker        Sterling Silver and Turquoise Cross on a Omega Chain Necklace


Sterling Silver Cross Earrings

 Selection of silver cross earrings, marcasite and celtic cross earrings.

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Sterling Silver Outlined Cross Earrings        Sterling Silver Cross Earrings


Sterling Silver Cross Pendants

 Contemporary silver cross pendants with a mix of marcasite, turquoise, onyx and shell.

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Siver Cross Pendant        Sterling Silver Cross Pendant    





Sterling Silver Crosses

All of our silver crosses are.925 sterling silver.  We have a large selection of contemporary styled lines: silver cross necklaces, silver cross earrings and silver cross pendants.  Each with a mixture of plain silver crosses or silver crosses with marcasite, turquoise, gemstones, onyx and shell.


About Our Sterling Silver Jewelry 


At we sell contemporary styled sterling silver jewelry.  We will not sell silver plated jewelry to our customers.  We take pride in our company, our sterling silver jewelry and set our standards high when we choose the sterling silver jewelry in our collections.  We buy direct from the manufactures so that we can keep our prices affordable.  The sterling silver jewelry at is always 92.5% pure silver.  Pure silver, also known as fine silver, is very soft and easily damaged.  Pure silver is combined with another metal, usually copper, to make the jewelry stronger and more durable.  Copper is used because it improves the metals hardness without changing the beautiful color of sterling silver.  At our goal is to find you the best value for your dollar in the pieces of sterling silver jewelry that we offer.

All of our sterling silver jewelry is usually stamped with a .925.  Sometimes the silver jewelry piece is too small for the mark to be placed, but we inspect each piece to ensure that your silver jewelry is .925 sterling silver.  You will be impressed with the quality of our sterling silver necklaces, sterling silver earrings, sterling silver bracelets and sterling silver pendants at .


Rhodium Finished Sterling Silver Jewelry 


Some of our sterling silver jewelry has a rhodium finish.  This means that a finish layer of rhodium has been applied over the sterling silver.  This coating protects the silver and helps eliminate tarnish.  We specify in our discription if a piece is rhodium finished.  See our section on taking care of silver jewelry.  Click here




Slight irregularities and variations in stone color, shell color or inclusions are characteristic of their natural beauty and individuality.  There may be variation from piece to piece and may differ slightly from our display photo. 



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